Cybersix animated series was produced in 1999 and aired on a few major television stations, such as Teletoon (Canada), Fox Kids (America), Kids Station (Japan), and Telefe (Argentina).

The show was based off the comics "Cybersix"; the show would give a realtime visual of the loved comic. Sadly, the show was not as popular as expected, only producing one season and within that season only thirteen episodes. The show was canceled after it's final epesode and ignored by it's producers for lack of viewers.

We hope that with enough support, we can send a request to the major stations, mainly Teletoon and request another season. However, we need the support of all the Cybersix fans around the world for this request to have any meaning.

Teletoon cannot ignore it's viewers, if they request a show again, we have high hopes they would at least consider.

By signing this petition, I agree that Cybersix should have another season; and I support this request.

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The Cyber6: A 2nd Season petition to Teletoon was written by Vincent Nix and is in the category Television at GoPetition.