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I recently appeared on TV and was traumatised to see unpleasant comments left online, under the video clip about my weight, myself as a person etc. Some of the comments included 'fat slug who never leaves the sofa', 'obnoxious' 'beach whale', 'deserve what's coming to me.'

What I was interviewed on TV about was a totally different subject to weight/appearance etc. I had twin boys 15 months ago and have had some on going health issues limiting what exercise I can do. These comments were put on a public forum (the internet) but they were never the less distressing for me to read. I would therefore like to see more being done about cyber bullying and it being made a specific crime.

The site the comments were on have kindly removed them, but the people who posted them online should surely not be allowed to behave in such a way. They were there for myself and other members of the public to read. I was shaking and crying when I saw them and have cried on and off for 2 days since. I am an adult. What if that was a vunerable teenager?

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to make cyber bullying a crime.

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