John Cusack
United States of America

While the next Chicago mayoral elections are not until February of 2007, Mayor Daley's actions in the Summer of 2004, vis-a-vis the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field have made him an unacceptable candidate for mayor.

John Cusack provides a unique opportunity to unseat this scion of Chicago politics.

Cusack is a Democratic Party activist with strong ties to the city of Chicago. He has played a deputy mayor on screen before in the movie "City Hall" so he has studied the intricacies of city politics for a role.

He's also a die-hard Cubs fan who would look out not only for the citizens of Chicago but also for the interests of the Cubs a lot better than the current White Sox-biased administration.

With his high profile acting career, his name recognition might be the only hope of unseating Mayor Daley while keeping a Democrat in the mayor's office in 2007!

This petition can be signed by anybody but Chicago residents will naturally hold more sway in encouraging a John Cusack run for Mayor.

Whereas, current Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley has show erratic behavior in his office such as bulldozing Meigs Field Airport and denying the Chicago Cubs building permits.

Whereas, Mayor Daley is a White Sox fan.

Whereas, actor John Cusack is a devoted Democratic Party activist.

Whereas, John Cusack has the name recognition and resources to run a successful campaign to unseat Mayor Daley in 2007.

Whereas, John Cusack is a Cubs fan who will look out for the team and the stadium's best interest.

We the undersigned encourage John Cusack to consider a candidacy for Mayor of Chicago in 2007.

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