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On October 10 2015, at 7:25 pm there was a tragic accident taking the life of my 20 year old brother, my parent's son, and my children's uncle. After going to the site of the accident it dawned on me. There are no crosswalks. The lights are so far away. It is "easier" to jaywalk. How many lives have to be taken before we as a community have to take a stand?

Leaving the site I drove around the two subdivisions on either side of the accident site. Only to see basketball nets, kids toys, swings. How many kids get off that bus at rush hour to go to their homes? How many ALMOST get hit. Let's all come together and make a stand and protect our children.

I am asking for a signature for support to do what we can to stop this from happening again. I am sure that many are aware of the growing memorial located at deerfoot road and Islington avenue. That is only a taste of the grieving. With a funeral of roughly 300 people, leaving behind 2 parents, 2 sisters, and two nephews and amazing friends and family.

Assist me in making a difference!

We in the city of Toronto need to make a change.

We need to take the steps to make our city the safest it can be for our children, and our loved ones. Crosswalks at bus stops between subdivisions should be mandatory.

We are asking for one in particular. Stand up and lets make a change! Islington and deerfoot rd has taken a life, let us as a community stop it from happening again.

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