United States Congress

Credit Card fees and interest rates are through the roof. Financial institutions have taken advantage of the less privileged for years by burdening them with higher interest rates and have contributed to the demise of many with outrageous late fees and overlimit fees.

It is time to demand continuity from lenders for all people to who they extend credit.

We, the undersigned, petition Congress to enact legislation to limit credit card interest rates to a maximum of 14%. We also Petition Congress to limit "other fees" to a maximum of $20.00 each and to require that NO charges may be made to accounts that are over the limit by 5% or less or to those which are less than 10 days overdue.

We further Petition Congress to eliminate "per incident" charges and require that financial institutions may only charge ONE time per statement period for these types of penalties. We also request that Congress impose an "Annual Fee" maximum limit of $25.00 and to eliminate other "fine print" fees that can overburden individuals ability to recover from their financial situations.

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