Netball Queensland

Brisbane South Region current associations include Albert NA, Beaudesert NA, Beenleigh NA, Jimboomba NA,Logan City NA, Macgregor NA, Shailer Park NA, South Brisbane NA, and Underwood Park NA.

The region has a total of 3745 registered players with some players playing in more than one associaiton.

When you take away the members playing at multiple associations that brings the total drastically down to approx. 2000-2500. Spreading unevenly over the 9 associations this does not allow a diverse enough competition for all skill levels at each association.

For many years our committee has spent valuable time considering how to strengthen Club Netball within the Brisbane South region. Our proposal centres around forming one large competition for players of all ages and skill level.

What do we want to happen?

1. We would, at the very least like for the idea to be discussed with the relevant parties, ideas generated and for us to think creatively.

2. Netball Queensland to assist Associations to start a club competition where all associations’/ clubs can place teams to play a home and away system. (Similar concept to Football or Soccer)

3. Competition to play Saturday afternoons with the vision of growth for filling our courts and running comps all day Saturday. Teams reaching their full potential by belonging to a strong competition and playing in suitably graded divisions, e.g. A 15yrs div 1-5 instead of playing in a mixed aged division of 13-16yrs.

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