Hi, I'm a gamer. And yes I love porn. This two things helps me to release all of my stored energy, which sometimes pollutes my mental and physics health and also them keeps my mind clear after stress.
Nowadays I'm looking about all that happening in gaming industry: a lot of monolith company start to shatter. Also lot of indie projects failed because of such thing as censored which appears from that kind of people who call themselves "righteous". But their way of forbidding is only raises amount of negative accumulative energy. And anyway simple users like me can search mods for some games to unlock censorship.
But I want more, more tits, more uncensored pictures and scenes in Video Games. I'm tired of bunch of visual novels, 3d-SexVilla types of games. They are not bad, but they are not "new" genres. Why no to create platform to let developers develop and promote new creations in legal way!
As example: Agony was a nice try of game, but it almost died after censorship. "Lust of darkness" also was a good try. But why they was so flavorless in reviews? Because it has no real funding and experience sharing from professionals in erotic and porn genres. I propose that why does the largest pornography site could not create their own PornHub Games Store, where any of developers can bring uncensored versions of their own games/genres etc. in legal way as PornHub Site exists?

We, the undersigned, call on PornHub asking to create your own platform of PornHub Games Store with no censorship in Games

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