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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of a good hundred people (that I am friends with) who love and enjoy cricket and watch it into the early hours of the morning.
Currently, you are screening the World Cup on Fox Sports, live. This is brilliant as you are not bias to what games are on, you still show them.

But I, along with the many other supporters of the great game, believe we are being robbed of the exceptional cricket we could be seeing.

Today, Victoria beat Western Australia in a Bupa Sheffield Shield match by an amazing 7 wickets before lunch on the 3rd day. A brilliant effort by Andrew McDonald notching up 101 and Siddle's 87, as well as a brilliant 5fa by 'The Duke' - John Hastings. Imagine the viewing spectacle that would have seen! Yet we all had to hunch over our computer screens and watch the game, with a stationary camera that barely shows ground past the inner circle.

I understand that, as a broadcasting company, to be able to screen these matches, you need to generate money from it. But the public are continually asking the question, why have a dedicated AFL football channel, showing footage, interviews and behind the scenes coverage of a game, that is only played during the cooler months?

Cricket is a global sport, played by roughly 100 countries in the world, by men and women, in the cold and the heat and where playing is not dictated by your age, nationality, language you speak, colour of your skin and clothing you wear, it's a game that anyone, anywhere can play.

It's a game that brings everyone together in harmony.

Why is there no channel dedicated to screening cricket matches from around the world? Judging by the calendar of games around the world, there are games on every month. Even if you don't screen the games on a dedicated channel, even screen the domestic games live. You are able to show the English domestic tournament before Australian domestic. This baffles a lot of people and I see the question raised a lot on twitter.

If this email doesn't work, as I know the voice of one against a company isn't a lot, how can I proceed with this issue? I wish to pursue it on behalf of the entire cricket community in Australia who crave better coverage of the game they love. Petition? Likes on a facebook page? What will catch the eye of someone able to get this off the ground?

Kind Regards,
Katherine Ablinger

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