Union Local #63
United States of America

For the past two contracts we have been asking for our wages to be increased to what the grocery contract pays.

The pallet yard wants the union to negotiate our contract seperate from the grocery and perishables department.
We feel our vote is choked out by other departments. It seems the issues we talk to you about (union representatives) are swept under the table because the severity is not on their priority list.

These issues need to be solved.
1.health and welfare
2.wages brought up to what grocery makes
3.floating holiday
4.sunday premium
5.triple time for holidays worked.
By allowing us to vote seperately from the other departments is to make sure that the union is doing the job we are paying them for.

We want the company to be informed of all our requests. We know that there is no guarantee, so let our voices be heard and not silenced by other departments.

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