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Residents around Myatts Field Park
United Kingdom

Hi - thanks for searching! This petition is now closed. But a new one for a CPZ in Vassall Ward is available for you to sign here: https://www.change.org/p/jenny-brathwaite-introduce-a-controlled-parking-zone-in-the-roads-surrounding-the-myatts-field-park


The area around Myatts Field Park, including Knatchbull Road, Calais Street,
Halsmere Road, Brief Street, Flodden Road, Burton Road, Cormont Road and
nearby streets – in the Borough of Lambeth - has come under increasing
parking and traffic pressure over recent years.

These streets are regularly used for car parking by large local employers
(including Kings College Hospital, Walworth Bus Depot, Royal Mail) and other
vehicles seeking to park in the vicinity of the busy Camberwell New Road, the
amenities of Camberwell Green and Oval tube station.

The area is on the boundary of the Borough of Southwark where local streets
have the benefit of residential parking priorities – which serves to encourage
further traffic flows through the Myatts Field Park area and places additional
strain on parking.

With the redevelopment of Myatts Field Park, parking and traffic stresses on the
area have increased. The completion of the project sometime in 2009 is
anticipated to contribute to parking tension as the renewed park itself will
attract more visitors.

Local residents are finding it increasingly difficult if not impossible to park close
to their homes. This is not only inconvenient but raises concerns about vehicle
security. The increased traffic flow through the area from non-resident vehicles
seeking parking also detracts from the residential nature of this conservation
listed area.

Almost 5 years have past since the last full consultation on the prospect of a
Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the area was conducted in 2003. The
consultation saw the introduction of a CPZ refused in 2004. However, we
believe that the process was flawed, with few residents actually consulted.

Further, the deteriorating nature of the situation and a rise in resident support
for a CPZ provide due cause for the council to reconsider the matter.


We, the undersigned, seek urgent implementation of a CPZ in the residential
streets around Myatts Field Park. Since the last consultation on the matter, the
parking situation for local residents has deteriorated significantly.

This has been exacerbated by rising traffic flows through the area, residential
parking restrictions provided to residents of neighboring streets controlled by
Southwark Council, and the vicinity of the area to large commercial operations
such as Kings College Hospital, Walworth Bus Depot, Camberwell New Road and
Camberwell Green.

We request Lambeth Council and its Transport and Highways team to address
the concerns of residents in this conservation area and commence consultation
immediately with a view to implementing a CPZ .

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