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County of Maui Public Works
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The Auwahi Windmill project began construction on a stretch of land in Kanai’o along Piilani Highway they removed all hills to help ease the pass of the large platforms in transportation to the projects main site.

In doing so, they have created a long smooth stretch of roadway; normally this would be a plus.

Speeding has became a huge issue and specifically in a school bus drop off zone which is a 15 mile an hour zone now the cars are flying through at speeds of 40 -50 and 60 MPH.

There have two recent collisions and one fatality in the last year as well as in 3 months two pregnant cows were hit and killed.

The removal of the hills are having a severe impact on the community’s safety. As well as the wild life and ranch in the area. We are petitioning the county to install TWO speed tables in the 15-mile an hour stretch at the school bus stops on each side of the main roadway reinstall speed limit signs all long the entire Piilani Highway as required.

Please help support the Kanai'o Community Association to require the County of Maui to install Speed Signs 15 mile an hour and 25-mile Speed signs along Pi'ilani Highway and Speed Tables along the same Pi'ilani Highway specifically the 1 mile stretch for school bus pick up and drop off for the children of Kanai'o.

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