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The ripped skatepark faces closure unless it can some kind of funding from the local council. they will only entertain the idea of funding if we can get enough people to sign a petition to say the ripped is worth saving and worth the council funds they would put in.

We need as many people to sign this as possible.

One of our local kids has been proper bombarding the local council for ages with emails and letters to try and get some sort of funding out of them to help the ripped skatepark from closing down.

Everytime i have applied they have rejected the application for funding but because a 13 year old has been kicking off at them saying if it shuts he will have nowhere to go as his mum wont let him go to outdoor parks because of local yobs, it seams they have finally taken notice. However, they won't entertain any idea of funding unless we can prove enough people use and actually want the park to stay open.

This is where you can help. the more names we can get, the better. get your gran, grandad, uncle, teacher, mates anyone at to fill this in to help. It also helps if we can get names from other parts of the country, if we can show people will travel miles to skate the park or at least help the cause it will go down a treat.

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