US Forest Service
United States of America

As of September 2012 US Forest Service has closed all free camp sites in Coopers Creek WMA in Union County Georgia. To keep us out they have bought and moved in huge boulders.

We as tax paying citizens are outraged by this! Local families have used the sites for years, some dating back to the 1930's. we are demanding them to be reopened!

The money we pay in taxes and fees for hunting license and fishing license pay the salaries to maintain the land, not to close it down!

We, the undersigned, call on the USFS to re-open the camp sites on coopers creek. We are outraged on this infringement of our rights as tax paying citizens. These are free zero maintenance camp sites with no reason to be closed. We demand they be opened back up immediately.

There is no logical reason for them to be closed, the use of public land is not a privilege it is a right. We pay you to manage this land, not to close it down.

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