Saint Thomas Episcopal School
United States of America

The Computer Science I course has been eliminated from the Saint Thomas Episcopal School’s curriculum. This has proven to be a catalyst for concern throughout much of the student body at Saint Thomas.

We therefore ask that the Computer Science I course be reestablished in a time period of a maximum of two school years. Technology is an ever-growing essential aspect of twenty-first century professions and college education. There should be a fair and equal balance between “Classical” and “Modern” education.

The State of Texas, as noted in 19 TAC 74; Subchapter B, requires a minimum of one computer science credit in order to graduate high school.

The majority of prominent public and private universities require a minimum of one computer science credit for admission.

We, the students, believe that in our right to an education, we must be equipped for the future, and the discontinuation of computer sciences is inadequately preparing us for a more technologically advanced future in careers and higher learning.

We, the undersigned, request the reestablishment of the aforementioned Computer Science I course.

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