Manningham Council

My name is Alexander, and me and my friend Mathew have been trying to get skate park built in Manningham for about two years now. The reason we want a skate park is so there is a place for all the youth of Manningham to hang out and enjoy themselves.

Skateboarding is a growing sport which needs attention by people like the Manningham council. There is a tiny skate park in Warrandyte which isn’t anywhere near Doncaster, Templestowe or Bulleen, which are all important places in Manningham. Our goal is to get a decent skate park built in the Templestowe Doncaster area for all the youth of Manningham to enjoy.

We have spoken to many representatives of the council but have been given reasons why they cannot go forward with the construction. These reasons were things that could easily have been resolved. Mathew and I have found what we believe to be the best spot to build a skate park in Manningham. This place is Jenkins Reserve on Foote ST in Templestowe.

The reason we think Jenkins Reserve is the ideal place is because there is a big open plane of grass where the skate park could be built, it is away from houses, but still very viewable from the road, it is on a bus line and close to the Pines shopping centre, there is also a crossing near it for easy access to the Pines.

"Please help our cause".

We, the undersigned, formally request council to build a new skate park in the Templestowe Doncaster area of Manningham.

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