#Roads & Transport
Pinal County and State of Arizona
United States of America

Access is needed through the Copper Basin neighborhood to improve access to Ironwood.

This improved access will provide for many improvements in the lives of those that live in the area of Copper Basin and other neighboring communities:

- reduced commute time to the US60
- reduced traffic at the Bella Vista and Hunt Hwy intersection
- reduced time needed to access the hospital on Ironwood
- reduced commute for bussing students to Poston Butte High School
- increased usage by Ironwood area residents to the businesses on Hunt Hwy near Copper Basin
- improved home valuations because of reasons stated above
- help to bring together the area of San Tan Valley by making both areas more connected
- savings of gas and reduced pollution by decreasing the commute time and distance of travel
- improved access to the new Central Arizona College Campus.

The current commute time to Gantzel and Bella Vista from the Copper Basin neighborhood is approx. 10 minutes long and 5+ miles. The actual distance when adding a paved road would reduce that time to 2-3 minutes and be a 1 mile trip.

We, the residents to San Tan Valley and/or Florence in Pinal County, hereby request that plans be put into place connecting Copper Basin to Bella Vista for the reasons stated above.

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