#City & Town Planning
United Kingdom

We keep being told to get on our bikes, get fit and cut down on the amount of pollution we create.

I am 100% all for that but I am not all for a visit to the hospital or the morgue because I have been hit by a car, bus or truck.

Instead of listening to the constant preaching about getting healthy, we should be demanding for the Government to provide us with proper off-road cycle tracks which not only wind around towns and cities but also link them.

With the rising cost of petrol, more and more people would love to get on their bike and cycle to work, more parents would probably allow their kids to cycle to school.

We, the people, want the Goverment to build proper off-road cycle tracks.

We want the tracks to run through towns and cities and to also link towns and cities. The amount of money spent on advertising campaigns would be better spent on actively providing us with the ability to cycle safely.

We do not want painted white lines but proper, safe zones.

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