All citizens concerned with Congress' inability to follow the clear language of the Constitution
United States of America

The United States Congress is currently considering a bill that would allow the District of Columbia to receive one Congressional District and Utah a 4th Congressional District.

This is seen as a political trade as Washington, DC currently does not have a regular member of Congress and would likely vote Democrat. Utah missed receiving a 4th Congressional Seat after the last census in 2000 by about 800 citizens and would likely vote Republican.

According to Article I Section 2 of the United States Constitution it is clear that Congressional Seats are reserved for States. The current proposal to grant a Congressional Seat to Washington, DC is not allowed by the Constitution. In fact, during the 1970's this very act was proposed though it was handled correctly: An Amendment to the Constitution was proposed.

We are greatly concerned by the manner in which Congress is handling this. By acting to "amend" the Constitution by simply changing Federal Law a precedent is being set. A precedent that leaves our Constitution vulnerable to whimsical changes. We do not support that precedent.

I should personally add that I am a resident of Utah, the very state that would be granted another Congressional seat in this effort. We would love another seat in Utah though we want it done properly. This petition does not take a position on the merits of Washington, DC receiving a Congressional District other than if it happens it should be done properly: by a Constitutional Amendment.

We call upon Congress to reject legislation that will grant a Congressional Seat to Washington, DC.

The Constitution does not allow it!

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