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I have been employed over twenty years and I have seen liars in Congress and elsewhere. But it is something about this Congress that is deeply troubling. Your taxes as a worker fund many things, don't let know one fool you.

Even though youwork hard a lot of thosein Congress today think that only the rich matter. They truly do not care about Military families, many just a political ploy to them as with children, women and everyone one else that can not help with their end game, which is serving the rich and almighty...not God Almighty whom many use as a ploy to get in many good graces.

If the wolf lloks like you and praise like you, How do you know it is a wolf. I will tell you how, by it's policies, idealogies and hostage taking and than trying to shift the blame. The Congress has the purse strings, that includes taxpayers money not just in their district. It is a disagrace what Republicans, not all but the extremist are doing to Americ and her Economy.

The Affordable care act is a law not a bill. If you all want to repeal it; let us add in car insurance, homeowners insurance and so on and on the list can go!

We the people of these Great United States!

I know the united part as of now is far fetched. Call on Congress to stop playing with the American people over their daily lives with shutdowns and debt limit fights.

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