#Civil Rights
United States of America

America is supposed to be a free country, but in fact it is not free , this is a country who's freedom was bought and paid for by the men and women you shed blood and tears to give EACH and EVERY person rights to live how they want to live within the law.

Some of those men and some of those women who fought for the very rights that we have were homosexual, was there blood not good enough to give you your rights? Then why should we all not be treated as equals not as conditions.

I ask for the right to marry my partner whom I love now and forever I want the same chance to give her my last name as any divorced over and over again heterosexual. Bottom line our senators and congressmen don't ask our permission when that throw their vows away taking a hooker to a fancy hotel that we the tax payers pay for, why should I ask their permission to show the world that I love my WIFE!

Hey Mr. President give us the equal rights you say we have.

Legalize gay marriage please.

We just want to be free to love.

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