The Ambassador of India, Muscat

Respected Sir,

We are proud Indians as ours is the largest democracy in the world. However, it is highly regretted that the elections to the Board of Directors (Board) of Indian schools in Oman, which comes under the Indian Embassy is organised in a totally undemocratic way.

1. The Board governs the 17 Indian Schools in Oman (about 35,000 concerned parents) but contesting as well as voting rights are limited to 5,300 parents of Indian School Muscat. It cannot be called democracy if about 85 per cent of the parents from other Indian schools do not have right to contest or vote.

2. According to the bye law, only five out of the 15 members of the Board are elected, the rest are nominated. It is totally undemocratic to have only one-third of a Board to be elected by a meagre 15 per cent of Indian school parents.

3. The eligible voters will have only one vote though they have to elect five members to the Board! So 15 per cent of the parents will only have a chance to elect just one out of 15 Board members. This should be called a 1 per cent democracy and is a shame to the well respected Indian democratic values.

4. Candidates are to comply with a code of conduct prepared for the election, which is nothing but a joke. It goes on to state that:
• No candidate will speak or write to anyone against existing governance of Indian Schools or Indian schooling system.
• Candidate shall not adopt any communication with parents, either direct or indirect for canvassing.

The above seems to be enough proof of what is happening at the Indian schools and there is no need to cite more examples. The whole system is designed protect the vested interest of a handful of people.

Citizens of the largest democracy in the world cannot tolerate such autocratic acts. Ambassador of India, loved and respected by all the Indians, is requested to intervene immediately to ensure that democratic values are protected and to give instructions to the Board/Election Committee to conduct the election in a free, fair and democratic manner.

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