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Glasgow City Council
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Labour have been in control of Glasgow City Council for far too long, and as a result I believe they have become corrupt. on April 1st 2010 a request was given to vote on an enquiry to the dealings within the council. Labour voted against an enquiry, so what have they got to hide?

Some of these council leaders should not be allowed to remain in office and should be replaced A.S.A.P.

Our city is bleeding hundreds of thousands of pounds per year on jobs for the boys.

This needs to stop now.

Dear Councillors of Glasgow City Council

As residents and voters of Glasgow, we are unhappy to the way our council is being run and too what means how our tax was being used.

On 1st April 2010, you were asked to hold an enquiry in which you voted against.

To this effect we the people of Glasgow think certain councillors have something to hide. We therefore demand that an independent enquiry is held.

1st. To list all businesses Glasgow City Council use, and their relationship to council staff.

2nd. An audit of all council funds, details of company contracts and how much they are being paid.

3rd. Full report on each councillor's annual spending budget.

All findings should be made public under the freedom of information act.

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