Government and People of Poland

In this black day for Poland and for her children around the world, we join with you in mourning the tragic death of President Lech Kaczynski and Mrs Kaczynska and of so many leaders in the Polish nation’s quest for remembrance and identity.

“Fundacja Kresy-Syberia”, our Kresy-Siberia Foundation, has the mission to work in Poland and internationally for the remembrance and recognition of our collective history, especially of the Polish citizens' struggles for the Fatherland in the Kresy (Eastern Borderlands) and in Exile during World War 2.

In the flames of the Presidential plane crash, we lost many of the Foundation’s closest friends and supporters. Former President Ryszard Kaczorowski and Minister Janusz Krupski were both Honorary Patrons of the Foundation, former Marszalek Maciej Plazynski of “Wspolnota Polska” was its first key Sponsor, and Janusz Kurtyka of the Institute of National Remembrance and Andrzej Przewoznik of the Council for the Protection of Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom were inspirational Partners in the Foundation’s mission. All those who also perished with them were similarly patriots working passionately for our Nation’s future and for the memory of its history.

The tragic irony is not lost on us, that all those who perished were drawn to the forest of Katyn to commemorate the patriotic martyrdom of the cream of the Polish nation 70 years ago. Now, the forest of Katyn has again claimed the blood of a new generation of our Nation’s leaders.

As brothers and sisters in the Polish nation, together we will recover from this tragedy just as our forebears have throughout the centuries. But today, we mourn the loss of our most passionate and historically conscious patriots.

Stefan Wisniowski, Foundation President (Sydney, Australia)
Aneta Hoffmann, Chair of the Executive Committee (Warszawa)
Krystyna Szypowska, Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee (Kingston, Canada)
Louise Blazejowska, Member of the Executive Committee (Sydney, Australia)
Tadeusz Koscinski, Member of the Executive Committee (Poznan)
Witold Lukaszewski, Member of the Executive Committee (Houston, USA)
Jerzy Neisser, Member of the Executive Committee (Manchester, England)

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Poland and with the families of those who lost their loved ones. May Poland, and all her children and her friends around the world, rally in unity at this tragic blow.

“Jeszcze Polska nie zginela poki my zyjemy” - “Poland has not yet perished, while we remain alive”

Please note that the first 512 signatures were passed to the People of Poland at the end of the mourning period on 19 April 2010, but we have kept the list open until 17 July 2010 and will pass on any additional names.

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