#Neighborhood Living
James Conn/ City Council Member of Charleston, MO
United States of America

July 25, 2006

The property located at the address of 109 Lafayette stretching south to the address of 121 Missouri Street in Charleston, MO is in fact a community eye sore and a health hazard to those who live in that area.

There has been sighting of numerous animals entering and living in the, supposedly, tin shed that's falling apart. There are limbs that have fallen from the trees on this property that have not been attended to.

The owner is literally making a den for snakes from his behavior of not keeping his property well groomed. The tax payers in this neighborhood want this property condemned because it is also bring their property values down.

As a community, we've looked at this discouraging site long enough, and we ask you to condemn this property ASAP and have it demolished.

Thank You,

Citizens of Charleston

We, the undersigned, want the property located at 121 Missouri St condemned due to the fact that it is a health hazard, an eyesore, and as well as unsafe for our families.

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