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No one could accept that the University of Luxembourg would apply such a decision to a high-level academic, researcher, teacher and advisor like Dr. Ziegler after she has succeeded in designing, developing and directing an outstanding upper-level Master program.

The achievements of the program as well as its originality have contributed to the distinction and credit of the University of Luxembourg. Furthermore the projects within Dr. Ziegler’s research group have produced results, which are recognized by a large number of international experts and which have strong impacts on Luxembourg as a multilingual community.

This is a public petition from those concerned about the unjustified nonrenewal of Dr. Gudrun Ziegler’s contract as an associate professor of the University of Luxembourg and as the Director of the Master in Learning and Development in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts program.

The decision against the renewal of the contract is nontransparent, and if upheld, will be unjust, unfair and unethical in every respect. The University would be doing away with an inspirational and visionary creator, instead of securing the services of a highly successful and gifted young female professional for years to come.

We petition the Minister of Higher Education and Research, the Rector of the University of Luxembourg, and the Dean of the Faculty (FLSHASE), which hosts both the Master program and Dr. Ziegler’s research group, for the reconsideration of the decision.

All professors, teachers, experts in related fields, students, parents, friends and others who want to express their support for Dr. Ziegler, the research group, the Master program and the multilingual learning vision are kindly asked to sign the petition and specify their relationship with this case.

The undersigned express, without prejudice, the reinstatement of Dr. Gudrun Ziegler and urge the University of Luxembourg to maintain its professional image and trajectory toward becoming an internationally prominent institution.

The petition will be delivered to the news media.

Thank you for your support.


Walferdange, August 25th 2011

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