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New York State Department of Transportation
United States of America

Concerned citizens of the school district would like to see a traffic light installed at the intersection of Florence Hill Rd. and State Route 13, in Camden, New York.

We the undersigned citizens of the Camden School District, as well as employees and visitors of the Camden Central School District residing outside of this area, have found the intersection of State Rt 13 and Florence Hill Rd in Camden, NY, to be dangerous. In response to the numerous accidents at this location, we believe a traffic light should be installed here.

The notoriety of this intersection needs to end. The most recent accident that occurred at this intersection was on December 16, 2004, and was not the first since the fall semester began. The clear and present danger represented by this intersection has been noted by students, faculty, administrators, citizens, and visitors of the Camden School District.

To alleviate the concern and the dangers to the involved parties, a traffic light needs to be installed at this location.

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