Pokémon Duel is a mobile gaming application developed by HEROZ, Inc. and developed by The Pokémon Company. The object of this strategic board game is to get to your opponent's goal while battling their figures along the way. The game recently introduced "Ultra Beasts", Pokémon from another dimension; despite this, the story mode (otherwise known as Quests) remains unfinished. Quests mode is a valuable source of rewards, such as virtual currency and avatar items. This mode also has an interactable story in the form of cut scenes. Unfortunately, it has certain loose ends. Most players enjoy the battles, but what is a good video game without a memorable conclusion?

We, a fanbase of millions of Pokémon Duel players, implore HEROZ, Inc. to complete work on the Quests mode by opening up the remaining areas that are unavailable to us at this moment. The ultimate outcome of this petition is to have HEROZ accomplish the aforementioned task as soon as possible. Signing this will bring the fanbase one step closer to a truly memorable Pokémon Duel experience.

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