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Since 2015, Dukhedin Play Park was conceived by the wonderful Mrs. Rajwantee Bullock, the current Councillor of Avocat/San Francique North, to be a haven for children within the area of Ramroopsingh Trace, San Francique, where the local children can play and have fun.

Since the creation of Ramroopsingh Trace, children are brought up by parents to go out into the world as better and responsible people, but they never had a place within their vicinity for their children to play and enjoy themselves. Mrs. Bullock foresaw this problem and proposed a play park named after one of our own residents, Mr. Dukhedin, to the Siparia Regional Corporation. This proposal was approved and later implemented on the designated area within Ramroopsingh Trace. Hope was being brought to the local children.

Unfortunately, after a new government was elected, the funds to build the play park was halted in early 2016 and new funds for councillors to build projects would not be known until September later this year, where the annual Government Budget will be passed in Parliament. Sadly, it is not guaranteed that new funds will be provided to complete the Dukhedin Play Park for the residents of Ramroopsingh Trace, San Francique. This in effect will most likely result in the project being completely abandoned. Not only will this affect the children living within the area, but generations to come.

Why would a play park matter to me? It is simply because:
a) My mother is the Councillor of Avocat/San Francique North.
b) I live in Ramroopsingh Trace, San Francique my entire life.
c) She cares for the children of this trace as much as she cares of her own, including myself.
d) Having a play park was a vicinity that I wish I'd had a long time ago when I was young.

With that said, it is imperative that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Siparia Regional Corporation take note of this project as well as other projects proposed and being created by our local councillors.

These projects can not and will not remain incomplete for the sake of their respective communities and constituencies, otherwise the entire country will not fully develop and push forward. If the people of Trinidad and Tobago take heed of these news, then they should act immediately and sign this petition to help complete the play park before Christmas 2016.

This petition should encourage officials of both our Government and the Siparia Regional Corpoartion to bring funds to the councillor projects being out on hold, including the Dukhedin Play Park. By then, the play park should be completed before Christmas 2016 so the children will play and have a parties during the festive season and and all will be right within the area.

Mrs. Bullock will not likely remain councillor before the end of this year despite filing for local government election. Hence, it must be known that her efforts to bring this play park to life for our children and future generations must not and will not go in vain.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to include funds for the projects that our beloved councillors have already put in the works and for the Siparia Regional Corporation to provide these funds to complete the Dukhedin PlayPark for the children of Ramroopsingh Trace before Christmas 2016.

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