#Consumer Affairs
The City Of Inkster
United States of America

We the Citizens of Inkster Michigan seek the support and leadership of our City Government to advocate for funding from the Metro Airport Community to replace windows, roofs and all siding of our homes. We are requesting this because as you know The Airline industry has a plane flying over our city every minute. It is creating structural damage to our homes, vehicles and disrupting our sense of peace as a community.

We want accountability from our Elected City Officials and we are demanding that they seek compensation for All damages outlined in this petition. Make no mistake your neighboring cities Westland, Wayne, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Romulus have all had similar petition drives which lead to the control over the frequency of flights over their cities and Secondly, monetary compensation for all damages to their property by the Airline Industry.

As a result of Quality leadership in those cities, the residents of those cities were able and are able to get new doors, windows, roofs, insulation and more. We are seeking compensation for our damages. We need the unified support of all residents in this city to come together and support this petition drive. You can do your part by signing this petition.

We seek compensation for all property destruction resulting from frequent air traffic.

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