#Human Rights
South Africa

Black people were victims of apartheid in South Africa. Their land was taken. They were denied basic human rights ie. cultural and religious expression, education, economic participation, good health care, etc.

Post apartheid black people are still trapped in the same vicious cycle of poverty. Unemployment is alarming, crime and general abuse is endemic because the apartheid wrongs were not corrected. Government empowerment programs come extremely short.

Black people must be compensated 1million Rand per family for the atrocities of Apartheid. Their dignity must be restored. They must be afforded a fair chance to life, empowered to afford good education, health care and a meaningful business investment. That will level the playing field. One million for every family.

To the Presidency:

Africans are millionaires by inheritance in South Africa.

Claim 1 million compensation in support of the victims of Apartheid.
Claim 1 million for your family also.

Yes you can!

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