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If you live in the Central Coast suburbs of Avoca Beach, Copacabana, MacMasters Beach, Killcare and Picketts Valley, the new Kincumber Fire Station may not be coming to emergency incidents in your area.

Local 'fire service' politics has created the potential for the new 24hr station, manned by professional firefighters, to not be called to certain types of incidents. Agreements are in place to address this but history has shown that they rarely work successfully.

We want residents of these areas to stand up and tell the decision makers that they have got this wrong. That you want, and indeed pay for, the best possible coverage and protection. This can be achieved by responding both Kincumber fire station, as well as local volunteer crews.

It is a fact of the system, that well intentioned volunteers cannot reach you as quickly as a permanent station, manned with professional emergency service workers.

We the undersigned, want Kincumber Fire and Rescue Station to be responded to all emergency incidents into the areas of Avoca, Copacabana, MacMasters Beach and Picketts Valley, along with local volunteer Rural Fire Service crews.

We appreciate that both services have differing strengths, and a joint response is absolutely necessary to receive the full protection we need and pay for through our insurance and council levies.

We ask this in the interests of common sense and the welfare of our families, friends and communities.

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