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On March 1, 2007 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insisted, “There is no
evidence to prove there was coercion, nothing to support it (the coercion of WWII
military sex slaves).” We ask Congress to urge Prime Minister Abe to look at the
evidence, to see the coercion, to apologize and give appropriate reparations. The
women are waiting.

Please See http://www.justiceforcomfortwomen.org/?pg=home or visit

US Citizens: Is your Congressperson supporting House Res 121? We would like to have 120 co-sponsors and there are 108. Send your rep an email, attach this petition link. Let them know you live in their district and this important to you.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
H 232 Capitol
Washington DC 20515-6501

Dear Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,

We the undersigned request you to support House Resolution 121-1H. We urge
you to bring the House Floor to a full vote.

Historians and researchers in South Korea and Japan discovered several official
war documents in the late 1980’s that established the existence and systematic
abuse of WWII Comfort Women. They estimated 200, 000 young women were
taken hostage by Japanese soldiers to serve as military sex slaves from all of
South East Asia.

After fifty years of silence, surviving Comfort Women have broken the culture of
shame to document their experiences of systematic rape and sexual slavery by
the Japanese Imperial Army. Their demands are simple -- they would like a
formal apology and reparations for the war crimes they suffered, crimes that
continue to affect their aging bodies in physically, mentally and sexually abusive
ways. The women make their demands in order to reclaim their dignity, and
ensure the safety of their own daughters, granddaughters and now, great

The surviving Comfort Women are mostly in their 80’s now. Many are dying.
We urge Congress to act swiftly so that some may see justice before they pass


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