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Colorado Division of Housing
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This is a people's petition. We are not able to spend time making fancy graphs with numbers to show how we are struggling with rent increases. We are however working to keep feeding our families and remaining afloat. Wages are not increasing at the same rate as cost of living and that is why we want to share our current living conditions, which cannot be undermined.
From talking to one another, we have now been able to coincide that landlords are doing rent increases every 3-6 months. Some of these increases range from $25-100. A one bedroom cannot be found for less that $1000. Landlords are having no mercy and how can they if tenants can't fall back on any sort of rent increase written regulation.
Owning a home is far from being attainable when you are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make rent each month. Not knowing if your rent will be increased in the next few months only puts families on edge knowing they might not be able to afford it. Colorado, please hear your residents and regulate rent. We are drowning.

We the residents of Colorado ask that you please hear our struggle and put in place regulations that can protect tenants from sudden rent increases by landlords.

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