Environmental Services - Stockport Council
United Kingdom

We used to have the Brown Bins collected every two weeks, this has now been increased to four times a week, with a limit now enforced on general household waste this means we now have to recycle a lot more.

This in itself is a good idea but we have not been given the facilities to accommodate this increase in recyclable waste leaving many of us with an overspill which the council will not collect.

I am calling for people to sign this petition who want the Brown Bins collected more frequently, to prevent the build-up of unsightly waste, and to stop us, the residents, having to take time out of busy schedules to take waste to landfill and recycle centres at our own fuel and time costs.

We the undersigned, call on Stockport Borough Council to collect our Brown Recycle Bins more frequently, suggested rate of collection - every three weeks.

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