#Human Rights
The Canadian Ministry of Health and Members of Parliment

The CBS has enforced an “indefinite deferral” for male donors who have had sex with men.

However, deferrals range from 6 to 12 months for people who have paid money or drugs for sex (sex workers), had sex with someone who was paid money or drugs for sex (sex workers), used drugs or steroids via needles, and have had sex with someone whose sexual history/background is unknown to them.

The above-mentioned activities leave a person at risk for HIV and STIs and yet they are allowed to donate blood after the deferral period has passed, from which they began engaging in these risky behaviours/activities.

The MSM indefinite deferral also applies to MSM who are in a monogamous or long-term relationship.

The Coalition of Justice for Gay Rights finds the actions taken by the Canadian Blood Services to be unfair because it deems all sexual activity by MSM risky, but give considerations and shorter deferral times to heterosexual people engaged in sexual activities that carry risks.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now in addressing the issues of the Canadian Blood Services donation policy. Which mandated allows the denial of blood from Males who have been in sexual relationships with same-gender counterparts after 1977 to the present year.

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