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We find it very disturbing that abuse can be over looked and ignored because of a “gap” in the law between the State of Indiana, the Department Child Services, and the Department of Education. Who is responsible for reviewing the rules concerning licensing? (IC 31-27-2-1 Indiana Code regarding Duties of the Department of Child Services and Child Care Institutions operated by Religious Institutions).

Hephzibah House is not-for-profit religious facililty that has fallen into the gap. No one is supervising the activities at Hephzibah House. None of their staff has yet to be held accountable for the abuse that has been taking place there for over 30 years.

*Strip searches and forced vaginal exams.

*Beatings leaving scrapes, blood, and bruises.

*Isolation from family and other students.

*Humiliation (Including forcing teen girls to wear diapers & record publicly the details of their bodily functions).

*Food deprivation or force feeding as punishment.

Are you aware that there is a large gap in the laws of the State of Indiana? There are schools that fall into this gap.

More importantly, there are children who are lost in this gap. They are students of these so called schools, and they are being abused in the state of Indiana.

You can help to close this gap in the laws of the State of Indiana. The Governor's office says they are not responsible to look into this matter because the law protects these facilities. The "gap" in the law protects these facilities. Hephzibah House in Winona Lake/Warsaw, Indiana is one of these schools.

For over 30 years girls have been abused and victimized at this school. A school that is allowed to operate because no one has been willing to step up and make a change in the law.

Are you willing to help? We are looking for people who are willing to state that they would like the State of Indiana to change these laws; bridge the gap! If you would like to help, you can sign your name and let the State of Indiana and Governor Mitch Daniels know that it is not okay to hide behind the law.

Help stop the abuse at Hephzibah House by helping change the law that allows these places to operate.

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