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To all the people in the world

A heart wrenching video

Chinese furfarms

Laws are not strictly enforced in South Korea and some portions of South Korean population still consume dog meat. The primary dog breed raised for meat, the Nureongi (누렁이), or Hwangu (황구; 黃狗). In March 2009, an article in the Korea Times reported that some 9,000 tons are being served at about 6,500 establishments across the country annually.

This is an appeal to everyone, who’s not indifferent to animals’ suffering. In South Korea, over 5,000 dogs a day get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat.

Help us to stop this – we need only one million of signatures! This petition is available for the people from all over the world, in many languages. Also Koreans are fighting against this as most of them do not support eating dog meat.

If you're not indifferent – please sign the petition below at GoPetition and at http://www.uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs

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