#Law Reform
North Carolina State Legislature
United States of America

Clemmons State Forest has trails, pond, cabins, barn, pasture and 1,500 square foot building currently not used. People currently do not have public access to these. Our taxes pay for these and we can't use them for recreational activities.

The park is closed on holidays and not open year-round.

We the undersigned call on the North Carolina State Legislature to allow children and their families access to Clemmons State Forest by changing it’s status from a Managed Educational State Forest to a State Recreational Park; allowing activities year round, including mountain bike and equestrian access, events by reservation, private business contracting access and leasing.

This change will provide a healthy, safe place for children to ride their bikes and horses and go camping, hiking and fishing year round, while building the local economy by promoting local and international tourism in North Carolina with the goal of becoming a self sustaining facility.

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