#Neighborhood Living
Village of New Lebanon Council
United States of America

The neighbors surrounding the area of Gloria, Perry and Brice
Streets are tired of the constant need of phoning the police
due to the following: Theft, obvious drug dealing, distruction
of village property, and private property, constant littering to
our own properties and young children not being properly
taken care of: All due to the lack of responcibility of the
owners, and or landlords of the Apartment complexes located
on the middle to south end of Gloria ave.

We are demanding a more solid back ground check on all
renters current and future. Further more all current
occupants that have had police called upon there property
more than one time in the last 365 days will not have a
renewed lease. All complaints from homes in the
surrounding area will from this point forward be
documented and the community will start holding
landlord/owner completely responcible for not doing proper
background checks. The Ohio Landlord Law states that:
Any person that is injured or otherwise bothered by drug
dealers in a landlords rental property may sue the landlord
claiming that the rental property has become a nuisance or
poses danger to the community: Our community IS
bothered, the rental properties ARE a nuisance.

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