Ayuntamiento de Benalmadena (Benalmadena Council)

During the last few years, the problem of dog excrement littering the footpaths of Benalmadena has been getting out of hand. This has been highlighted on more than one occasion in the local press. The council has recently employed a water jet washer to tour the town on a weekly basis, but this is having little or no impact.

The council have promised to issue large fines to dog owners who fail to clean up their own animals mess, but no evidence of this is forthcoming. The town is now becoming a health hazard, and very soon holidaymakers will be turning their backs on the resort they love.

Signs similar to the one attached to this petition need to be placed around the town.

It's no good having a beautiful park, marina and paseo when the footpaths that take you there are covered in stinking dog mess. Benalmadena would not exist without the tourists, so I challenge the council to act before it is too late.

We the undersigned, call on the Ayuntamiento de Benalmadena to enforce a by-law whereby any person walking dogs must have on public display, a receptacle, i.e a plastic carrier bag or something similar to use if their animal expels faeces on the streets or other public places.

Furthermore, we call on the Ayuntamiento to show evidence that it is issuing the 300-1500 euro fines that councillor Inmaculada Hernandez promised last year.

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