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"Of Mice and Men" has been banned for many reasons, including racist language, animal abuse, violence, disability discrimination and the promotion of euthanasia. It is gaining an unfair reputation of being a violent, sadistic racist novel. However, "Of Mice and Men" is not a racist novel, it is a novel set in 1930s America, when blacks were treated unfairly. It is a book to look back on that time period, to teach usabout why it is wrong to be sexist, racist, violent or cruel to animals.

There are many other books being banned unfairly as well as this one.

Books should not be banned, they should be read, enjoyed, respected and taught in schools to be sure that the students learn why racism, sexism, animal cruelty, disability discrimination and violence is wrong.

We, the undersigned, demand that books be classified like films instead of banned.

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