Patrick County General District Court
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Mr. Foley went to trial today, he was found guilty on 2 counts of animal cruelty, not 1 but 2!! He got the maximum jail time, 12 months in jail for each count, all but 2 months suspended, $500.00 fine for each count, an order to pay Buffy's vet bill and best of all, prohibited from owning any animals for 3 years and then only under supervision! I am very happy with this outcome. Thank you all so much for signing this, and the animals of Clarence Foley's thank you VERY MUCH!

We are asking the Courts of Patrick Co. to make sure justice is served against Clarence Foley, a man that performed a c-section on a little poodle at his home. The dog had no anesthesia, pain meds or anything. He tied her down to a table, taped her mouth shut and performed a c-section and then sewed her up with needle and thread, she survived as did two of the puppies. He did get the two puppies back as soon as they were weaned. Which I thought was very wrong but I am not law enforcement, unfortunately. Buffy is the poodle's name, she is so sweet and cute. He thinks he will get her back after his trial. She is boarding at a veterinarian clinic at the present time. I hope she goes to Lois, the girl working at the clinic that has been taking care of her for the last couple of months.

This man has been running a "puppy mill" for years and I don't want him to have one single animal for the rest of his life, I want him to go to jail for this heinous crime, and I hope he has to pay a large fine. He thinks he will get out of this. He still has several dogs, I saw them yesterday. I just don't think he deserves the love and companionship that an animal gives. That's why I started this petition, to make sure that this case gets attention and the courts will feel that something has to be done. Thank you all for your help in this cause.

We the undersigned want justice served in the case of Clarence Foley for his unethical treatment of and cruelty to animals. We do not want him allowed to ever own an animal of any kind, we want him to go to jail for his crime, and pay a large fine.

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