#Equal Pay for women
United States of America

Although many people think that Equal Pay is a fact in everybody's life, and more considering that it was a right signed by it isn't true.

It has been proven that for the same work men get paid more than women. For every dollar man gets, the white women get 77 cents. Worst of all, is knowing that racism is still happening and the government isn't doing nothing to stop it! For every dollar men get, black women gets 68 cents and for every dollar men gets, latino women get 58 cents which almost half of men's pay.

How is it possible this injustice is happening in front of us and we are unaware? Women are significant in the U.S.A., we are involved in many political issues and we should have a voice!

We, the fighter's for women's rights, call for justice to eliminate the unequal pay given to women which lowers depending on women's race.

Let's try to avoid a conflict that can divide our country and solve this problem. Let's be the image of example for our new generation showing that justice can get done and the bond of citizens and government to be capable of resonating with each other, specially in front of this injustice which is the current issue affecting all women.

Let your voice be heard!

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