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City of Calgary

Myself along with a few neighbours that live near the park on Citadel Mesa Close N.W. Calgary , have witnessed vehicles speeding. The speed limit is 50 K. Multiple neighbours filed a complaint with The City of Calgary Police, they clocked vehicles between 60-65 K rounding the corner which is directly in front of the park.
Many children play at this park and live in the neighbourhood, we have seen children wait to cross until safe - however the corner is a blind spot and it is only a matter of time before someone gets hit.
There have also been collisions on this corner due to the fact that people are speeding.
We would like The City Of Calgary to make this area 30 K - Playground Zone

We the undersigned, call on The City of Calgary to create a Playground Zone on the road way of Citadel Mesa Close N.W. Calgary Alberta in the area of the playground / park; to reduce speed limits to 30 K maximum.

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