The Premier of BC

British Columbia Residents are paying $7.5 million in annual loses incurred yearly in diesel generated electricity on Haida Gwaii since this 2006 study was done ($7.5 x 5 years = $37.5 million+ to date compounded);

While the 'h2o4us-DWI' system could save us $1.5 -$1.7 million in generating losses per year.


(Executive Summary)

2.1 DSM

A business case can be made for an aggressive Demand Side Management program for residential buildings in Haida Gwaii, accompanied by an education and information program.

Based on calculations of return on investment and advice from the Working Group, Technical Committee Members and the public, a Demand Side Management program was designed that includes (for approximately $18 million):
1. Energy efficiency audits;
2. Training and capacity building – providing training
to construction tradespersons, on-island retailers
and building inspectors;
3. Education and Awareness – providing energy effi
ciency information;
4. Bulk Purchasing and Product Incentives such as:
a) Lighting Incentives,
b) Appliance Trade-Ins,
c) Hot Water Effi ciency Upgrades,
d) Solar Hot Water System,
e) Programmable Thermostats, and
f) Financial support of existing on-island recycling
program (for appliance replacement).

2.2 Supply

Reducing dependence on diesel generators was clearly identified by residents as a priority. Local renewable resources were highlighted as the preferable technologies. In particular,
• Small hydro,
• Wind, and
• Biomass
were identified as having significant resource potential, sufficient capacity factor and acceptable costs.

Considering that the Haida Gwaii Community Electricity Plan has in view this glaring inefficiency and taxpayer generating losses;

We the undersigned call on Christy Clark to enact leadership and initiate the recommendations of the Haida Gwaii CEP forthwith.

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