#Children's Rights
Western Cape Provincial Parliament
South Africa

On Monday 17 Feb 2020, members of the Western Cape Parliamentary Committee on Social Development were not happy to see children and young people attend the interviews of candidates for the position of Western Cape Commissioner for Children.

Those who attended the interviews met, on Saturday 21 February 2020 in Atlantis, to discuss what happened and the way forward. We concluded the following. We were;
• excited to attend and observe the interviews
• disturbed by the unfriendly welcome received
• ignored and felt excluded from the process
• intimidated by the cold treatment received

We decided to take the following action;
• Draft a statement of complaint to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, The Committee on Social Development and The Premier
• Launch a petition to rally children to support and demand the right to take part in any proceedings of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament; especially if it concerns and affect children.

The right to participate is an important right of children. It includes the right to be informed, consulted and take part in decisions that concern and affect children. Child participation rights are interlinked to children’s basic rights to be provided with care and services, and their rights to protection.

The statement and petition will be sent to the Speaker and Members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament; and the Premier of the Province.

We call on children (persons under 18 years), to support his statement and petition.

We the undersigned children and young people note that children have the right to freely express their views and participate in all matters affecting them within their family, schools, local communities, public services, government policies, parliamentary and judicial procedures. We are aware that there is a duty to listen to, consider and include children's views in decision-making that affect them.

We call om the Western Cape Provincial Parliament to respect and protect the rights of children to participate; and to develop policies, strategies, plan, and make available resources, to ensure children take part in any parliamentary proceeding that affect them; such as the appointment and work of the Western Cape Commissioner for Children.

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