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There are many parents in Tennessee that need financial assistance for child care for different reasons. They are hard working single mothers that work 40-50 hours a week to support their family, they are unemployed because they can't afford daycare to get a job, they are wanting to go back to school to make a better life for their family but again can't afford daycare, or they may be working fast food because that is what they have to do to pay the bills.

All of them are trying to work and make a living for their family. Either way they are struggling to pay child care or they can't even afford to have it at all. In TN you can not get ANY type of child care assistance unless you are on government assistance (families first). The income limit is very LOW. It's very hard to get approved if you have ANY income.

*Median annual family income of single parent (female headed) families. $20,210 (388.65/wk)
*Average, annual fees paid for full-time center care $5,857 (112.65/wk) **ONE CHILD**

* As you see above child care takes about 30% of a single mothers income, and that is for one child.

Please sign this petition to make a change in Tennessee!

We need some type of financial assistance for child care for those who are working and trying support their family.

With the economy today we all need help with child care no matter if we are a single parent family or if both parents are involved.

TN needs to make a change!!!

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