#Human Rights
Mayor of Chicago Rham Emmanuel
United States of America

In 2015, having completed an advanced degree, taking notice of the preventable pattern of violence in the streets of Chicago-I presented what has become Chicago Rise to the Mayor, Dept of Public Health, police, State's Attorney, Public Defender, Cook County Administration, the collar area Local School Councils and the Chicago Public School System.

Despite being reviewed by 4 fiduciary agencies and having been found to be a) Solvent; b) effective; c) addressing specific needs that no other program or combination of existent programs can address...the city continues to channel monies into Ceasefire/Cure (knowing they will never work), and utilizing the 4 'gate-keepers' (Tio Hardiman, Andrew Holmes, Rev Pfleger, Minister Louis Farrakhan). Unless they each agree, the city and county board refuse to hear any new ideas.

Since then, 3,500 have been shot. That is just unacceptable. Especially when all agree that there are concrete root causes, and a method to reverse tendency for violence.

I am asking each of you to join me, partner with me, please sign this petition and spread this to as many people as you know. We can no longer count the shootings and deaths which is approaching epidemic levels and resembles that of war zones with guerilla like tactics and bloodshed in its wake. We need an audience with the Mayor and County Board President as well as the State's Attorney (Kim Fox-who I presented to originally). Only the voice of registered voters like you, will influence serious consideration.

We can do better, walk with me. Together, we will find it.

Mayor Rham Emmanuel
Gov Bruce Rauner
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle
State's Attorney Kim Foxx

We, the undersigned, call upon your offices to recognize the effort of Coming Home Again-Chicago Rise, engage directly in dialogue that works to facilitate definitive prescriptives and address the problem of violence in Chicago. Because this is the second time that this petition and request has been made we are also inviting the press and permanent record to follow.

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