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We support Charlotte's bid to win an MLS soccer expansion team.

Charlotte is a major soccer city. Youth clubs around the city offer soccer to children of all ages, skill levels, and economic backgrounds. Charlotte has many male and female adult leagues. Several local colleges compete at the highest level nationally. Charlotte has demonstrated great support for visiting international exhibition games and has a huge, diverse base of international and U.S. soccer fans.

Unfortunately, Charlotte's Mayor (Jennifer Roberts) and the City Council have been unwilling to vote on the proposed funding for a new soccer-specific stadium in uptown Charlotte. The MLS requires a dedicated soccer-specific stadium in order to be considered for an expansion team. So, we need your support to convince Mayor Roberts and City Council to vote YES to use City funds to pay a portion of the stadium construction costs as outlined in the Smith's request to the City.

Please sign this petition to show your support for Charlotte's bid to attract an MLS expansion team and please forward this to your friends and family that would love to see Charlotte be the next new MLS soccer city.

We support Charlotte's bid for a Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion team.

We support and encourage the use of City funding for the proposed stadium and ask the Mayor and City Council to vote YES to the Smith's funding proposition IMMEDIATELY.

Attracting a Major League Soccer team to Charlotte will generate positive economic impact, elevate our City's status internationally and In the U.S., and provide a highly demanded entertainment offering to City residents of all races, economic backgrounds, and geographic corners of our world-class city.

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