#Law Reform
Queensland Department Of Transport, Queensland Government

We need to try to change the law that took effect as of 1st July 2007. The new law states that anyone who renewed they're learner license or applied for it on or after 1st July 2007 has to complete 100 hours logbooked!

Changes for Queensland learner licence holders aged
under 25 years of age from 1 July 2007 include:

• lowering the minimum age of obtaining a learner
licence to 16 but lengthening the requirement to
hold a learner licence to 12 months. Learner
licences are now valid for 3 years.

• gaining 100 hours of supervised on-road driving
experience recorded and certified in a logbook,
including 10 hours of night driving experience.

The worst thing is you are exempt from this if you were 25 or over as of july 1st 2007. Every year after this date the age of exemption increases. eg:
-2008 is 26 years and over
-2009 is 27 years and over
so on and so forth.

The Government stuffed up. Had they actually thought this through properly, they would have realised it would be wise to make it as follows:

This law effects anyone who applies for their learners as of the 1st of July 2007 and people who already had their learners license at the time of this law coming into affect is exempt.

We need as many people as possible to sign this petition. This petition is our last resort to get the government to change these laws to what they should be.

The learner logbook should only be required for people who applied for their learners as of July 1st 2007. It should not be applied to anyone who already had they're learners in advance to the changes taking effect, whether they renewed the license after that date or not!

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